Friday, May 1, 2009

Spec Work. Ugh.

David Carson looks like he's about to either start punching people in the face or curl up into the fetal position on the floor; I'm not sure which.

There is great creativity out there and there are some ideas that I myself will never think of. But some one might. Like a mom in Kansas might have the perfect solution for a client I'm working for, but maybe she just #1. can't reach the client or #2. doesn't know how to execute her solution in the best fashion. I wonder, could Spec designers and Professional designers collaborate?

I wonder if a company would be open to getting specwork done, then run it by an experienced designer? But if there are changes, or the spec designer misses the mark, you might have to start back at square one. So it might not be worth the runaround. However, if the spec designer has a good IDEA, it might be worth showing it to a qualified/trusted designer to see if it's executed well. Thoughts?

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