Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brand Identity: Studio 243

Studio 243 is a full-service architectural firm which seeks to create a sense of place that inspires creativity. The owner and top architect is heavily influenced by contemporary European design. After living there(in Germany) for a number of years, I guess he sort of took to their style.

Design Brief
Not all that familiar with European design, (Ok, ok. I know nothing of eauro-design.), Dwight was happy to school me. He encouraged me to look at the Avante Garde (the font I went with, go figure) and Bauhaus movements. We talked for about an hour and by the end I had a grasp of what I was going for. Functional art.
Specific keywords for the project were: simple(boy was I glad to hear that), clean, functional, and formal.

For the logo, I wanted to show some dimensionality and allude to some elements you might see in Avante Garde architecture. We chose to go with red as the color since it's pretty formal.