Monday, March 9, 2009

How my wife deals with my baggage.

While traveling through Denver International Airport(DIA), I was amazed at my wife's spacial awareness. So I had to take a picture when we reached our gate. All of our luggage on two little wheels! My wife nor I travel much, but I'd love to see/hear about any tricks you may have!

1. Pull out handle of rolly-bag
2. Adjust handle of carseat so that it is perpendicular to seat
3. Slide carseat handle over rolly-bag handle
4. Place misc sweaters/jackets b/w carseat and rollybag
5. Set backpack b/w rolly-bag handle and carseat
6. Cross backpack straps over and around rolly-bag handle.
7. set diaper bag atop the carseat and wrap the strap around rolly-bag handle

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